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New Internal Market Package for Goods

On 14 February 2007, the European Commission proposed a new package of measures which are intended to

boost the intra-community trade in industrial goods. These measures (described below) will ensure that the internal

market does indeed become a reality for all manufacturers and producers, and will make it easier for companies,

especially SMEs, to trade their products in the Union. High quality safe products will continue to be the goal, whilst

ensuring market access for goods.

Industrial products such as electrical products, machinery, pressure equipment etc, are already subject to Community legislation, but the new proposal will strengthen the framework within which the goods are manufactured and traded,

building upon existing mechanisms, to ensure that safe products circulate. For example, market surveillance

structures will be reinforced to catch unsafe products, remove them from the whole Community market and take action

against fraudulent manufacture. The testing, certification and inspection bodies who are involved in product checking

will be subject to more stringent controls in the form of accreditation, to ensure that there is a level playing field

both for manufacturers and for the bodies themselves.

A toolbox of additional measures is also proposed which will, in future, be integrated into the legal framework as sectoral specific directives are revised and updated. This will give the means to clarify commonly used terms (which today are often used differently) such as manufacturer, distributor and authorised representative so that all stakeholders can be clear on relative responsibilities. In addition, new rules to enhance confidence and trust in the CE marking are also proposed; all of which serve to increase transparency and strengthen the system.

However, not all goods fall under Community legislation and today approximately one quarter of all intra-Community

trade is not covered by harmonised rules. Many companies find it very difficult to sell their products in another

Member State than their own, and are discouraged from venturing outside their domestic market because the burden

is on them to prove that their products fulfil the technical requirements in the destination Member State.

The package announced includes measures to shift this burden of proof to the Member State, so that it is for them to

prove that the product is unsafe; this will facilitate trade in these goods, and make it easier for manufacturers to

access new markets, thereby promoting intra-community trade.

EU legislation has made life increasingly easier for consumers in recent years, to buy products from Member States

other than their own. One example is the purchase of a motor vehicle, which is relatively straightforward, yet

problems arise when trying to register the vehicle at home. This is as a result of bureaucratic, complicated registration

procedures and burdensome type-approval certificates needed. As a result many people shy away from buying a car

in another Member State,

as they do not want to deal with unnecessary paperwork, frustration and extra costs. The Commission has,

therefore, adopted an interpretative Communication on car registration which explains the current rules and how

 they should function in practice.

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