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Standing - and Joint Committee meeting on 28-29 May 2009

The Standing Committee of the EFTA States met on 28 May. The Icelandic Chair started by informing the Committee on his

Government¡¯s proposal to apply for EU membership, submitted to the Icelandic Parliament on 25 May. The Secretary

General briefed the Committee on the annual update of the working paper on community agencies. Further, the entry into

force of the Food Law Package and access for EEA EFTA nationals to work in EU executive agencies was discussed.


In the Joint Committee the following day, 21 Decisions incorporating 54 legal acts were adopted. The EEA EFTA States

expressed their disappointment with the decision by the Commission to not give access for EEA EFTA nationals to posts

within the executive agencies. They urged the Commission to look favourably upon the access to these posts by EEA EFTA

nationals on a case by case basis and said that they might revert to the matter at a later stage. The Icelandic Ambassador

informed that the Food Law Package will be dealt with by the Icelandic Parliament in the current session. In the meeting the

Commission also thanked the EEA EFTA States for submitting a comment on application of state aid rules to public service


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