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CEN and CENELEC hold Info Days for Affiliates
Brussels (5 March 2009) ¨C 35 representatives from 17 standardization organisations, affiliates or potential affiliates of CEN-CENELEC, came together during a two-day seminar in Brussels to develop a deeper understanding of the European standardization system and its underlying benefits. The seminar was organized by the Technical Assistance Information Exchange Instrument (TAIEX) from DG-Enlargement of the European Commission in cooperation with DG Enterprise and Industry and the two European Standards Organizations and illustrates the CEN-CENELEC concept of affiliation that was recently aligned in support of the ˇ°EU wider Europe Policyˇ± and the promotion of the EU Single Market.
This event was designed to increase participation in the CEN-CENELEC system, while learning about the roles of the standardization profession. The presentations covered all aspects, from the basic standardization process, to how to participate in standardization using IT tools and reiterated what rights and obligations affiliates have in the European Standardization Process.
The seminar provided an opportunity for existing affiliates to discuss their needs and share their experiences. At the same time it provided a platform for would-be affiliates to formally enter into closer relations with CEN and CENELEC with the objective of becoming an affiliate in the future.
CEN-CENELEC affiliates are National Standards Bodies / National Committees that are members (or corresponding members) of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), in the case of CEN,  or  the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), in the case of CENELEC. Each affiliate is the standardization body from an EU neighbouring country, which has links with the EU or EFTA. All affiliates may participate in the General Assembly and in technical bodies.  They receive all technical and general documentation from CEN or CENELEC.
The 17 countries represented were:  Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Palestinian Authority, Serbia, Syrian Arab Republic and Tunisia. The seminar was held at the CEN-CENELEC Meeting Centre, on the first day, and on the second day at Thon Hotel Brussels City Center.
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