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Energy management


Energy management is a concept which is existing since years in CENELEC standards but with the growing accent put on the greening of standardization - in particular as the result of different initiatives at the level of the European Commission-, a wider structure has been set in place.

Labelling Directives

Different CENELEC standards are listed in the OJEC under the Directives implementing Framework Directive 92/75/EEC on the energy labelling of household appliances.

The purpose of these standards is to lay down a measurement method for the establishment of the categories of energy efficiency for specific types of household appliances.


Recently CEN and CENELEC decided to set up a joint group, called the CEN/CENELEC BT/JWG "Energy Management". Its purpose is to give a proactive response to the upcoming requests from the legal field in respect of energy management and efficiency.

As such, this group is designed to initiate a European collective view of the general strategy for improvement of energy efficiency standardisation and to set an agreement between all CEN/CENELEC members on the objectives to achieve.

In principle, its scope is very large and covers production, conversion, distribution and consumption of energy. The field of activities comprises products, systems and services.

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