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The dawn of a new era for European Standardization-The Cyprus decision

In Lemesos, Cyprus, the CENELEC General Assembly (AG) held on 26th June and the CEN General Assembly on 28th June, decided to strengthen the values and principles of European Standardization through forming a European Standardization System, which is open, flexible, dynamic and able to meet the challenge of emerging technologies in an ever more globalised world.

The Cyprus decision represented the conclusion of an initiative to shape the Future Landscape of European Standardization.  First Actions to be implemented focus on:

  • Ensuring the cost efficient and effective use of resources to better deliver European Standards and other European standardization products more efficiently in order to support market innovation, achieve both a coherent approach to standardization in new areas including converging technologies and a consistency in standards development.  The CEN and CENELEC AG agreed to establish a European Standardization System Group tasked with achieving more streamlined rules for the development of European Standards, with particular attention to the involvement of all stakeholders, and to create a high-level mechanism to solve the technical issues that arise from the standardization of emerging and converging technologies;

  • Raising the global visibility of the European Standardization System. The CEN and CENELEC AG agreed to establish a common European Standardization System Committee to consider external issues and to create the function of a European Standardization System Officer who would lead its activities. The CEN and CENELEC AG also decided to explore what should be the future attitude of the European Standardization System to conformity assessment (through which the compliance of products and services with European Standards is assured) and how the initiatives of the European Commission and EFTA to strengthen market surveillance can best be supported;

  • Enhancing the promotion and the branding of the European Standardization System in order to improve the recognition of European Standards and to attract new business sectors in the further development of the system to the benefit of all European stakeholders and citizens. The CEN and CENELEC AG established a special Working Group to develop the tools for a promotional campaign.

Through these actions, CEN and CENELEC will increase the efficiency of the European Standardization System, strengthen the support to the international standards bodies and   enable a united response to the challenge of supporting the long-term competitiveness of Europe in the global economy.

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