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Call for an effective pan-European market surveillance system
European Consumers and European engineering industries call on policy makers to take practical measures for re-enforcing border controls and surveillance of products placed on the Community market.

Within the EU, all consumers expect safe products; all manufacturing companies expect
fair competition. Product safety and product compliance with applicable legislation are prerequisites
for placing a product on the Community market. Safety and compliance with EU rules
grant products free circulation within the Single European Market, contribute to consumer choice
and confidence, and boost industry¡¯s competitiveness and development.
In the present position paper, ANEC, the European consumer voice in standardisation, and Orgalime, the European engineering industries associations, provide a common view on the New Legislative Framework (NLF) ¨C which includes Regulation
(EC)765/2008 1 and Decision 2008/768/EC 2 of 13 July 2008. With proper implementation, ANEC
and Orgalime believe that this framework provides the potential to achieve a real improvement for
both the safety of consumers and for the competitiveness of the European engineering industry.
In the face of the increasing complexity of enforcing EU legislation, ANEC and Orgalime call
on Member States and the European Commission to allocate significant resources to
market surveillance and to increase their co-ordination efforts, so as to ensure that the
acquis communautaire of the Single European Market is preserved and strengthened to the
benefit of both consumers and responsible manufacturers.
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