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UTC, as one professional authoritative third party testing& Certitification organization, located in United Kingdom. UTC provides
Certifciation & testing service in terrms of general machinery, Dangerous machinery, general product safety and electronic
and electric products. Meanwhile we develop multinational certification & testing as well as E-mark including personal protective

equipments, construction products, toys and toxic substance and so on.



Dangerous machinery: electric saw(Chain saw), woodworking machinery, lift machinery, safety parts¡­..

Machinery: packaging machinery, engineering machinery, printing machinery, food machinery, textile machinery¡­¡­

Electric product: household electric appliance, electromechanical product, small electric appliance¡­¡­

Personal protective equipment: protective glove, safety helmet, protective clothing, safety belts¡­¡­

Toys: stuffed toys, electric toys, wooden toys¡­¡­

Construction product: ceramic tile, wooden floor, hardware, tap, tube¡­..

Toxic substance testing: heavy metals, brominated organic compounds, organic tin compounds¡­¡­



Prompt- as our testing engineers are familiar with standard, they can offer you kinds of modification scheme that will save your

time. We can finish the tests in the shortest time. At the same time, we can carry out tests at your location if applicable and at your


Satisfactory- we will always stay at your side to offer our good service once begin testing and certification, we will help you solve

all the technical problems range from product¡¯s design to export to overcome the internation techinical barriers.

Confidential-UTC will follow the protocol of commercial secrecy to guarantee much more thime for you to keep the superiority

to eagage in competition in the market.



Price-with the open market network, UTC provide face to face sevice and localized testing service to avoid any intermediate to

reduce the cost greatly.

Technique- in the past time our engineering technical personnel have provided service for numerous enterprises and have

accumulated rich experience to guarantee great value to your enterprise. Out testing ability has been accepted by many foreign

organizations. Also we have been in long-term partnership with them.

Time-the familiarization and master of the standards guarantee the testing of your product to be fuifilled swiftly and exactly. As we

cooperated with many certificate organization, we can offer the immediate service for your product to reach any county . Choose us, win time.

Electrical Products
In line with its traditional activities, UTC offers several services to companies.
PPE Protective Equipment
UTC, as a certification&testing center, can fulfil the procedure for the certification
Construction Products
The Directive 89/106/EEC, Construction Products Directive enacted iby Presidential...
UTC is a certification body for conducting procedures of conformity assessment .
UTC Product Service Ltd.